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High Leg Delta Motor Wiring. High Leg Delta also known as Power Leg or Wild Leg is a three phase four wire power distribution system used in commercial buildings in North America especially in rural and older installations. High should be delta series and low should be double delta parallel.

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Read Or Download The Diagram Pictures Leg Delta For FREE Motor Wiring at BURROWDEMOAGRIYACOM. Delta and Wye indicate the manner in which the motor windings are connected. By doing so we are creating a split phase supply as well as a three-phase delta connected supply.

It is also known as red leg connection or wild leg connection or orange leg connection.

And Europe is a low-voltage starting technique known as Wye startDelta run. B-phase is at 208V as a consequence of the connection method but would only normally be used for 3-ph andor 1-ph 240V loads. Though one can be provided which is called a high leg. This type of service which is also known as a high-leg wild-leg stinger leg or wild phase service is common in older manufacturing facilities with mostly three-phase motor loads and some 120 volt single-phase lighting and plug loads.